A cryptocurrency wallet stores the private and public security keys that allow users to securely send and receive money.

It is a software functionality designed specifically for the management of digital assets.

The wallets are used to store, send and receive virtual currencies. The number of cryptocurrency wallet users has been growing swiftly in recent years.

The wallets depend on the coin you are going to use. There are all kinds of wallets with various features. At Vsynergize Global, we have explored the cryptocurrencies wallet development process and we specialize in creating wallets as per the requirement of the client. We can develop official/officially endorsed wallets and multi-coin wallets. We simplify this complicated technology and make it easier to use with our team of developers working closely with the client to deliver as per specifications.

Benefits of Wallet Development

  • Make secure online payments with private and public key
  • Transfer funds without incurring any transaction fees
  • Simplified and easier to use cryptocurrency exchange
  • Easy to install and very secure
  • Value remains same and hence not affected by inflation
  • Completely decentralized options
  • Option of mining your own currency
  • Automatic public key generation
  • Get investment advice and guidance

Where are Wallet Development used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


How Wallet Development Work

Securely send and receive cryptocurrencies

  • Decide on platforms to make the wallet available on

  • Finalize technology stack

  • Implement public/private key management

  • Integrate cryptography

VSynergize Global
Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
Development Specialization


Automated Logouts

Security is the primary focus in cryptocurrency technology and automated logouts play an important role in minimizing the chances of unauthorized access to funds.. We build in automated logouts which is a security measure to logout the user after a predefined period of time.

Multiple Currencies in One Wallet

There are various cryptocurrencies available. We can develop multi-currency wallets for you that will make it simple and easy to gain access to multiple currencies from a sole crypto wallet.


Payment Duplication Sensors

We have sensors to detect payment duplication with a two step authorization protocol. This helps prevent fraudulent activities. This feature is crucial as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems do not allow charge-back.

New public key auto generation for every new transaction

This is an important security feature we build in, as with a new key generated for every new transaction, it makes it hard for hackers to follow the ownership of coins.

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