How Technology Platforms Work

When AI goes to school

  • The AI platform is fed with all available dat

  • It starts learning from the history of information

  • AI monitors and learns, finding patterns

  • It provides guidance based on learning & fresh data

Features of AI
technology platforms


Conversational AI

We offer conversational AI platforms that are equipped for holding intelligent and engaging conversations in native languages which improves the customer experience and deliver the data to help increase bottom lines.

Minimize Costs

Our AI technology platforms can help minimize costs by preventing duplication of effort, automating simple tasks, and getting rid of expenses like copying or extracting data.


Safety & Control

We ensure a level of control within the application enterprises which helps to avoid awkward mistakes and provide a safety net for managing exceptions during a conversation making it a great experience for the client.

Hybrid Model

Our AI platform system has a hybrid approach combining the best of linguistic and machine learning models. This allows for very quick AI application building and then using real-life inputs immediately.


Natural Language Processing

We make sure enterprises maintain ownership of their data and provide a data analytics package which helps to drill down through the information and understand the context of conversations and the level of detail given.

Implicit Learning

We customize customer experience based on preferences learnt through automated learning by implicit methods.


Cross Platform Compatibility

Our applications offer cross-platform capability making sure clients can easily port conversational applications to existing and future devices.

Security & Legal Compliance

Our AI platform comes with flexibility to meet today's strict security conditions, across different geographies and legal requirements.

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