Smart devices promise to revolutionize the future by changing the way people live their lives.

They are network enabled devices with the combination of valuable services, trust and ease of use.

At Vsynergize Global we specialize in developing and customizing IoT platforms for smart devices to bring together hardware, software, UI and connectivity.

Benefits of Smart Devices

  • Smart Maintenance Smart predictive and preventive maintenance helps to gather information about the product and assess the connected products productivity, predict breakdowns, conduct smart maintenance
  • Analytics Product usage analytics helps to get clear and impartial feedback on the usage of a smart, connected product and identify the most popular and underused features, discover the need to add new functionality and more.
  • Control via AppsControl via mobile and web apps enables users to get the info about smart, connected products and adjust the performance remotely, set up automatic modes of smart, stop etc.
  • Pay Per Use Usage-based pricing is based on sensor data whereby customers are charged for the real use of smart, connected product's functions, as there is transparency and no fear of unjustified expenses.

Where are Smart Devices used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


How Smart Devices Work

From dumb to connected and smart

  • New hardware/retrofitting

  • Software that aids 2 way communication

  • Technology stack to handle big data

  • OTA software maintenace and updates

Advantages of Smart Devices



We smoothly assist the complex integration of a smart, connected product into customers' systems


We facilitate troublefree maintenance of a smart, connected product by independent service providers


Big Data

We design and update IoT solutions and ensure quick and valuable insights form hard-to-handle volumes of data generated by smart, connected products

Multiple Connections

We ensure effective connection of multiple smart, connected products to one or several platforms


Project Consultancy

We consult at the time of strategy planning and also at the time of architecture planning to help clearly define a product's capabilities and risks and take care of development and implementation costs.

Project Planning

We analyze the requirements to define a project's scope, complexity and expectations. We provide the delivery schedule to deliver on time and within the planned budget.

Different products we work on

Industrial products

We combine traditional production processes and IoT-based innovations to help industries enhance their production greatly.

Complex consumer products

We help connect smart devices and things to a central monitoring system and provide data analytics to obtain more info about how customers use these products. We also provide user apps for monitoring and control over smart, connected products.

Simple consumer products

We create IoT platforms and software for healthcare devices, household appliances and fitness items, among others.

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