Smart contracts are Blockchain based computer protocols which are virtual contracts coded with predefined conditions. This also allows them to automate different procedures and dealings in a company.

Benefits of Smart Contract

Smart contracts can operate as joint accounts so funds can be used only when all the parties agree unanimously. They can -

  • Manage agreements between network users.
  • Can be used by other contracts for utility like a software library.
  • Can store application information like domain registration, etc.

Where are Smart contracts used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


How Smart Contracts Work

A smart contract is used to transfer value from one person to another.

  • User/developer creates a contract

  • The "smart contract" contains the agreement between 2 users

  • Once created, it cannot be changed

  • The contract gets automatically executed when a pre condition is met (a fixed date or a payment made)

Advantages of VSynergize
Global Smart Contract

Advantages of VSynergize Global Smart Contract Development

Lesser Costs & Risks

The code based smart contracts automates all tasks and eliminates human intervention to the minimum bringing down the cost of processing and other conventional contract costs. Moreover, the decentralized process also cuts out the risk of any fraudulent activity.

More Accuracy & Immutable System

Smart contracts are accurate without human errors and allow for swift business operations. Once made, smart contract codes do not change ever, which provides users with a trusted ambience.

Advantages of VSynergize Global Smart Contract Development

Scope for New Models

Any data driven business model can use smart contracts as they can effectively and efficiently track anything from date and time, to weight, temperature, payments and other quantitative variables and take action with predetermined conditions.

Reliable Autonomous Agents

The blockchain based smart contracts are autonomous systems that allow you to automate your business process and react effectively and on time.

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