Hyperledger is an open source global collaboration developed for taking forward cross-industry blockchain technologies.

It is hosted by The Linux Foundation, including various industry leaders in finance, banking, IoT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

The Hyperledger is created with the intention of supporting open protocols and standards across industries. It serves as an go-between for decentralized digital communities.

Benefits of Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger allows you to shape your business network and bring together all existing business transactions and data. It provides you with a trust network with the following functionality

  • Permission membership
  • Need-to-know basis data
  • Performance and scalability
  • Evenly distributed ledger
  • Plug-in component based architecture
  • Protection of digital keys and sensitive information
  • Transparency
  • Durability
  • Association
  • Community

Where are Hyperledger Development used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


How Hyperledger Development Work

Use the power of open source to create blockchain applications

  • Create a Business Network Definition (BND)

  • Generate and deploy a business network archive

  • Create REST server and application

We, at VSynergize Global have the expertise to help you to set up enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment via Hyperledger platforms and development tools thereby transforming the way your business transactions perform globally.

Features of
Hyperledger Development


Range of Network Platform

You will have a wide range of network platform like Hyperledger Fabric, Burrow, Iroha and Sawtooth that will support enterprises to access ledger data, oversee transaction, and integrate applications to blockchains.

Higher Accuracy

VSynergise Global Hyperledger is developed on open-source platform to provide higher accuracy and stable security which are less likely to have manual errors in the Blockchain transactions.


Trustworthy business model

Hyperledger has a trustworthy business model and businesses using it can easily bring down the cost and complexity of the legal restraint involving Blockchains due to its open-source platforms.

Open-Source Security

Hyperledger is developed by The Linux Foundation and it is designed solely to create open source blockchain and related tools for utmost security and reliability.


Scalability and Transparency

Hyperledger offers distributed ledger called Smart Contracts which have the highest level of scalability and transparency in the private business contract.

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