We have an experienced team that makes sure our enterprise application development is agile and collaborative and works towards incorporating the end user's needs.

A lot of this is achieved by the adoption of cloud technologies. We save users time and effort by providing tools which can be used without specific hardware requirements.

At VSynergize Global, our enterprise applications are not confined to a single ecosystem but bring an integrated user experience to different kinds of devices. This helps to seamlessly network people working on different devices like laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Where are Enterprise-Class App Solutions used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


Features of Enterprise-Class App Solutions


Faster application development tools

Considering speed is always a matter of concern while creating business apps, our development tools offer a host of time saving features which cut down on the actual time needed for development.


We have a universal perspective across applications, infrastructure and processes.  Security at both network and application level ensure that the app and the cloud are safe from cyber attacks.


End to End control

We control the content even after it leaves the firewall with file level security so that important documents are safe wherever they may be opened or accessed.


We support work and make sure file sharing solutions are easy to use and accept so that the end-users in the organization get the work done quicker.



We expand current investments in enterprise IT and make sure disruption is lessened for end users by letting them continue using existing enterprise tools.

Ecosystem that accelerates innovation

We build a reliable app ecosystem which helps to minimize the time and money spent on development and accelerates time to market.



We not only offer full support for the software and the infrastructure needs of your company but also to a globally distributed ecosystem.

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