A dashboard is a graphical, single screen summary of the data analysis and information.

It is an aggregated view of a variety of business elements at a single location.

An efficient dashboard software helps to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. It also allows to visualize and analyze data and focus on KPIs, helping to gain valuable insight and make quick and accurate decisions.

At VSynergize Global, we have an expert team of professionals who collect, organize and transform business data into attractive easy-to-understand visuals. Our well prepared dashboards keep the client updated and prepared with the latest information which lets them recognize the latest trends and make informed business decisions.

Where are Dashboarding used?

  • Finance


  • Healthcare


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy & Utilities

  • Logistics


  • Retail & E-Comm

    Retail & E-Comm

  • Manufacturing


  • Education


How Dashboarding Work

See it to belive it

  • Uncluttered, easy to understand

  • Works on mobiles to giant screens

  • Easily import into presentations

  • Collaborate with remote teams

Advantages of
Dashboarding services


Mobile device accessible

Your dashboard software will be programmed to suit any mobile device so that you can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime with the most accurate information.


Your dashboard is customized to present the most relevant information and in detail, allowing each person to see what they need to do to get their job done.


Total business visibility

With a dashboard you are on top of your business knowing exactly what's working and what isn't. Even when not in office, you know exactly how your business is performing.

Intuitive data presentation

Your dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user with the graphic design allowing easy and smooth navigation throughout.


Better Results

Your dashboard will indicate when you do well and when you don't, also allowing to measure performance numerically. This helps you fix the problem areas when indicated and allow sales and profits to soar.

Save time and money

All reports will be on your dashboard which will be programmed to get updated at all times.

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